Watch safes


Watch safes are no longer items relegated to the back of a wardrobe. Today, luxury watch safes can be proudly displayed as a piece of furniture. Armored watch winder safes from Agresti keep fine timepieces ready to wear at a moment's notice while providing a high level of security to our valued clients.

Luxury watch winder safes

An Agresti luxury watch safe is manufactured to suit each client's individual needs. We can fashion luxury watch winder safes to accommodate up to 54 Swiss watch winders. Our watch cabinets also feature fabric-lined trays and drawers for watches and jewelry. The exterior is made from fine wood, such as Canaletto walnut or bird's eye maple. Accessories are fashioned from 24K gold or ruthenium. Agresti watch winder safes also come equipped with one or more secret compartments, depending on the model. 

Watch Winder Safe Box

A watch winder safe box makes a good choice for clients who wish to secure a small collection of timepieces or who want to be able to secure the box to a wall. Our small watch winder safes feature bulletproof glass, multiple watch winders, and two drawers. They also come with a secret compartment.