Pen boxes and collectables


Agresti offers a large selection of luxury pen boxes and luxury pen cases. Our pen boxes are designed with the needs of pen collectors in mind, with spaces for pen lined in ultrasuede. These are suitable for both standard and oversized pens.


Each of our luxury pen cases is designed to seamlessly blend functionality, high quality, and style. We work with raw wood, including fine maple, mahogany, elm, and ebony, at our manufacturing facility in Florence. The wood is hand-planed by our experts before being transformed into our luxury products.


Clients also select the accessories they wish to add to their luxury pen cases, such as fine leather or suede, crystals, and precious stone. The result is a customized luxury pen display box that reflects the personal style and taste of the individual who commissioned it. Agresti luxury pen boxes make a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, too, for someone who is just starting their collection or for the collector who has outgrown their existing display case.
An Agresti luxury pen display box is handcrafted using the finest materials. Whether your taste runs towards a traditional or modern look, our experts will produce exactly the luxury pen storage box you desire.