Jewelry boxes


Fine jewelry deserves to be kept in a location befitting its value. Whether the collection is made up of heirlooms lovingly passed down over several generations or modern pieces accumulated by a single collector, luxury jewelry boxes are the best way to preserve their beauty when they are not being worn.

Custom luxury jewelry boxes

Agresti understands that each client we work with is unique, just as no two jewelry collections are the same. For this reason, we create custom luxury jewelry boxes to accommodate the size and type of their collection. Our high end jewelry boxes include features such as necklace bars, drawers, and spaces for rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and cufflinks.

Each of our luxury jewelry boxes is fashioned using traditional methods. At Agresti, our experienced craftspeople work with fine woods including Briarwood, maple, mahogany, maple, and burlwood. Ultrasuede linings keep jewelry and watches from becoming scratched. Details like 24-karat gold plated brass accessories give our italian wood jewelry boxes the perfect finishing touch.

Handcrafted jewelry box

We are pleased to make portable jewelry chests for our valued clients. A handcrafted jewelry box can be fashioned using high-quality leather or wood depending on our client's preference. Agresti is pleased to include embellishments such as  gold, metal, or crystals finishes. We also include features such as a removable tray and lockable drawers.


High-end jewelry boxes

Agresti has been manufacturing italian wood jewelry boxes for more than seven decades. We have never strayed from the idea that old-world craftsmanship is the best way to make our products. This means that the wood is planed by hand at our Florentine facility. Our luxury leather jewelry boxes are handworked as well, and the crystals or metals are added with the greatest care so that each italian jewelry box is a work of art unto itself.