Luxury safes



Agresti has been in the business of designing and constructing luxury safes for its distinguished clients for 70 years. During that time, the company has made a point to set itself apart from the competition by considering its product as a piece of furniture instead of a system in its own right.

Bespoke luxury safes

Agresti has developed a solid reputation for creating bespoke luxury safes that reflect our client’s style and blend effortlessly with the other elements in the room. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each of our italian luxury safes will protect their fine jewelry, cash, firearms, and other valuables. Our italian made safes are available in several styles. We can provide recessed safes that fit inside a closet, armored jewelry cabinets, and bespoke safes fitted into jewelry armoires. Our luxury custom safes also include strong metal gun cabinets for rifles, pistols, ammunition, and accessories.

Italian luxury home safes

Agresti’s luxury safes are equipped with the latest security technology. A client can choose from a keyed entry, a numeric keypad, or a biometric keypad for the utmost in security. The latter option uses a scanned fingerprint as a way to gain entry to the safe. It also comes with a lock-and-key as a backup for emergency only. Agresti italian safes are made from only the finest materials. Our experts construct luxury home safes using woods like mahogany, maple, and ebony. All wood is planed and finished at our facility in Florence, Italy. Agresti’s craftspeople also work with leathers and metals to create unique finishes for a custom safe design.We can add crystals and other embellishments to create the precise look that a client envisions. The interior is customized to suit the collection it is designed to protect, with the client’s choice of fabric, such as ultra-suede. Handles are either 24K carats gold or ruthenium plated brass, depending on the client’s preference.