Armoires with safes


Agresti armoires with safe are designed to give our clients the security they want for their fine jewelry along with a stylish piece of furniture for storing their precious collections. We know that no two jewelry collections are exactly the same. For this reason, we are able to provide custom jewelry armoires made to fit our clients' exact specifications. 

Jewelry armoire safes

A jewelry armoire safe includes the features that our clients expect from a luxury jewelry armoire. We include drawers for several types of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, and cufflinks. We also include multiple necklace bars and drawers. Agresti can also include automatic watch winders on request. The interior of our jewelry armoires is lined with soft fabric. Our jewelry armoires with safe also include an extra level of security. The front panel opens to reveal a fully operational safe. Access to the jewelry armoire can be made through a keypad entry system or with biometric opening device. When the jewelry armoire with safe door is closed, no one would know that the safe is one of its features. Agresti's products are so carefully and cleverly made that the safe door is not visible from the outside of the cabinet. 



Armoire gun safes

Our armoire with gun safe is a popular item among our clients, several of whom are firearms enthusiasts. An Agresti armoire gun safe is made with the same care and precision as our other products. The exterior is fashioned from steel, and our clients can choose to have interior drawers made of precious veneers. Accessories made from 24 K gold or ruthenium plated brass are also used.The Agresti armoire gun safe is fitted with a round handle outfitted with a biometric opening device. A fingerprint is used to open the safe. In case of emergency, a key is also provided.