Closet safes


Closet safes are an outstanding solution to the matter of how best to store cash, jewelry, private documents, collections, and other valuables in the home securely. Agresti safes for closets are designed to blend seamlessly with your luxury walk-in closet design.

Hidden closet safes

At Agresti, we are experts in designing hidden closet safes that are positioned behind a mirror or a panel. We can also manufacture a hidden compartment behind panels or in another space for your valuables. We work with clients who are designing their walk-in closets as well as those who already have their closets in place. Agresti can suggest the optimal placement for closet safes. Each of the hidden closet safes we design and install is customized to suit the space where it will be situated. 
Agresti has been in the business of manufacturing home closet safes for over 70 years. We are specialists in the design and construction of safes. Our focus has been on considering the safe as a piece of furniture, and not as a system in its own right. Since our company was founded, we have gained a reputation for using only the highest quality materials in our closet safes and other fine products. Everything we make is manufactured at our Florentine facility, where we make quality control at every stage of production.


We only work with the best wood when manufacturing our quality products, such as maple, mahogany and ebony to create our closet safes. The raw wood is skillfully carved at our facility by our experts, who plane it and shape it into the basis for our creations. Our craftspeople hand tool leather and suede. They also add crystals and precious stones to create truly custom safes for closets that will satisfy the most discerning of tastes.