Biometric safes

Biometric home safes

One advantage to choosing biometric home safes for your most cherished items is that you can access them without delay. Access to the safe is based on the software storing data to identify specific physical characteristics. 
Fingerprint safes were developed to be a more secure solution than either lock and key or keypad versions. Keys can be misplaced or stolen. Combinations can fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. A fingerprint safe is a much more secure method for storing jewelry, watches, firearms or other kinds of valuables  in the home.

Fingerprint safes

fingerprint jewelry safe is an excellent option for keeping your collection of fine jewelry, precious metals, and luxury watches secure. The safe's lock is opened when you place your finger onto a laser reader. This is a security measure that is very effective. Fingerprint safes are also outfitted with a backup means of access for your convenience. Should the fingerprint access method fail to open the safe for any reason, the safe can be always opened with an emergency key. 

Face recognition safes use software to identify an individual using an analysis of their facial features.The software is able to compare scanned patterns with already preregistrated data from the data correctly identify a specific individual’s face. The data being used in this instance includes facial features and the texture of the skin.

These new security measures that are available for biometric safes provide a new level of security to those who wish to ensure that their valuables will be guarded against threats in their home.