Winders and watch boxes


Agresti luxury watch winders are made to mimic the motions of the wearer when the watch is not being worn. Watch rotators use pre-programmed directions and rotations to keep the timepieces running correctly. As a result, the watches in the collection are always ready to wear, no matter how long it has been since they have been taken out of their box.

Italian watch winders

Our leather products are hand-tooled to provide our clients with the finest quality available. They are expertly constructed at our facility to our clients' specifications. Likewise, the interior of the leather watch winder case is constructed using the materials our clients choose. Agresti can construct a leather watch winder box to accommodate one or two watches or an entire collection requiring engineered watch rotators.
All of Agresti’s leather watch winders are made from the highest quality materials available. We assemble our italian watch winders at our facility located in Florence. Our products are known worldwide for their quality and our crafts people's attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance when you choose Agresti as your luxury watch winder box provider.
What makes our winders unique is the mechanism entirely made in Geneva/Switzerland, using Swiss made micromotors. All top watch brands use these mechanisms.