Strong and panic room

Luxury custom panic room design
A custom made space inside your home, protected by chromium-carbide steel walls and door, certified up to Grade 5. Elegant furniture for storing jewelry and watches, last generation technological equipment to guarantee your security in the event of theft or burglary.

Luxury, Technology and Safety, right in the heart of your home. Our exclusive Strong Room has a weight per square meter below 550 kgs, and this allows the structure to be assembled in any building, new or existing. The proposed version occupies 12 square meters, but it can be fully customized in terms of materials and size.


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The room can become a Panic Room, with a simple button.

A rich floor, precious polished wooden walls and exclusive leathers.

Luxury, technology and security.

Luxury, Technology and Safety, right in the heart of your home.

Luxury panic room design, building and installation
Steel walls guarantee full protection, cork isolates your voices into the room, and the careful sealings protect from gas attacks. The armoured door, elegantly lined with leather, opens with a biometric opening device usable by different family members. In the event the owner experiences a coercion attack, he will open with a different finger, activating in a silent mode, alarms to Police and Security. Inside the strong room, luxury and functionality are dedicated to the storage of valuables, as well as to their daily pleasant use.
Lights turn on automatically once opened and shut down when the door is closed and the alarm set up. The alarm has piezodynamics sensors which perceive the vibrations generated by shock or breakthrough against the structure of the strong room.

A rich floor, precious polished wooden walls and exclusive leathers for a daily beautiful experience, linked to safety. BOSE loudspeakers and main unit for your preferred music. Important feature: in case of thieves breaking into the house, with a simple button, the room can become a Panic Room: technically a secure place detached from the rest of the building. With dedicated pipes and wires, air conditioning – telephone – 4 G connectivity (with Hotspt mobility) – Radio links, are guaranteed, so you can ask for immediate help.

In the meantime, the CCTV will record everything happening in the building and send these images to a internet site. You can also activate chili pepper diffusers against the intruders. A powerful UPS will maintain the energy supply in the event of a black out or wires cut.While waiting for help, protected into the strong room with your family and your valuables, we provide also food and drinks from the Liebherr wine cellar and refrigerator. Hand cut crystal glasses, blanket , First Aid kit and chemical toilette complete the set up.

Our qualified personnel will install the above, everywhere in the world, and deliver a
“ Turn Key “ installation.

Remote control and management of
house and active protection systems.