A new idea of safe

What makes us truly unique is not only the Made in Italy, experience and our work’s tradition, but also the design, the functionality and the class of any creation. Nowadays, many companies produce furniture internally equipped with boxes and rotors for watches, but they are tied to a gross and heavy look, revealing themselves incompatible with luxurious furnishings. The absence of the safes’ necessary emergency mechanisms, barely lined compartments, the presence of rotors coming from Countries outside Europe, it’s what most of the market has to offer, and which we shy away from.Nobody realizes safes inserted into fine wood furniture, directly placeable in your bedrooms. Nobody gives you the chance to have always at your fingertips the luxury you love to surround with. This is the reason why Agresti products are born: because the uncomfortable safes located in the basement, the steel blocks hidden in furnitu- re, the banks’ strongboxes will be for you just a memory.