Jewelry safes

Luxury jewelry safes

Luxury jewelry safes are the best place to store and protect a collection of fine jewelry. They keep necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and cufflinks neat and organized when not being worn. A jewelry safe manufacturer can also ensure that the unit is equipped with automatic watch winders to keep the client's fine timepieces keeping perfect time when not being worn.

Jewelry safes for closets

Agresti's jewelry safes for closets are available in several designs to suit any style and taste. From a jewelry locker that can be mounted on a wall to home jewelry safes with drawers, we can provide the security that our clients require for their most precious items.

Luxury custom jewelry safes

Our luxury custom jewelry safes are manufactured from only the highest-quality materials. Our clients can choose the exact size and finish they desire. We are happy to provide options, such as a jewelry safe box (armored) covered in leather and embellished with Swarovski crystals on the doors. Inside is a pullout necklace bar and drawers for jewelry storage. This jewellery locker is secured with a biometric opening device; the client would use a fingerprint to gain access to the custom jewellery locker. Agresti provides a backup key system to gain entry in case of emergency.

Home jewelry safes

Agresti's home jewelry safes are also offered in armored armoire styles. We use high-quality wood for the exterior, such as polished walnut, ebony, and maple with 24K gold-plated accessories. The interior drawers are lined to avoid scratching jewelry, and our home luxury jewelry safes include secret compartments and shelves for accessories (belts, scarves, and purses).All Agresti luxury jewellery safes are made by hand at our facility in Florence. Our expert team takes great care in crafting each one carefully and to each client's specifications. 

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