Gun safes

Luxury gun safes

All firearms collectors understand that they need to store their guns in a secure location, both for safety reasons and to stay in compliance with local laws. Luxury gun safes from Agresti give discerning clients the option to choose an elegant way to keep their firearms safe from children in their home using only the highest-quality materials. We offer multiple options to suit gun collections of any size. Our custom home gun safes include details such as drawers for ammunition and accessories.

Gun safes for closets

We are pleased to provide gun safes for closets to clients who want to store their firearms out of sight. When a client wishes to retrieve their firearm, they simply apply their finger to the biometric pad on the recessed gun safe. An electronic device reads the fingerprint and opens the safe if it finds a match. In case of an emergency, Agresti provides a key to gain entry to their custom made gun safes.

Recessed custom made gun safes

Agresti knows that many of its clients are interested in considering a recessed gun safe design. We are happy to work with them to provide a small gun safe for closet that can be mounted flush to the existing wall. Our custom built gun safes are constructed from high-grade steel to ensure that all firearms will be safely stored. All of Agresti's Italian gun safes are manufactured at our facility located in Florence where they are made to the high standards our clients expect from us in our seven decades in business. We always put quality first in all our gun safes for closets and our custom made gun safes.

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