Watches cabinets and boxes

Cabinets and boxes for watches

It's important to have a secure place to store watches when you are not wearing them. When you own a collection that includes several luxury or vintage timepieces, the need for an appropriate place to store them becomes imperative. A luxury watch cabinet or watch armoire will keep them organized and secure.

Agresti watches cabinets and boxes include all the details you expect from luxury products. The pillows are made in ultra-suede to accommodate watches for men and women. The interiors are customizable for storing fine jewelry as well as watches. 
Some of our valued clients prefer to display their collection in a mounted watch cabinet. Agresti can provide you with a custom mounted watch cabinet made to your specifications to protect and show off your watches. To ensure your collection stays secure, Agresti can equip your cabinet with a biometric fingerprint or a keypad lock system. 
Agresti knows that some of our valued clients collect automatic mechanical watches. For this reason, our custom watch winder cabinet is a popular option. It includes everything required to keep luxury timepieces telling the correct time when not being worn.

Travel watch roll 
A leather travel watch roll is an outstanding choice for storing a valuable watch collection.

Custom watch winder cabinets and boxes

All of our watches cabinets and watches boxes can be customized to suit our customer's specific tastes. We work with the finest wood and leather in our Florentine manufacturing studio by experienced craftspeople. The wood is planed and finished there and the leather is hand textured. Our team can fashion the luxury watch cabinet to the specific dimensions or the look that a client is seeking.
What makes our winders unique is the mechanism entirely made in Geneva/Switzerland, using Swiss made micromotors. All top watch brands use these mechanisms.

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