Security and Beauty,
the perfect marriage

Storing your jewelry in a safe place is a fundamental part of the life of anyone who wants them at fingertips every day. That’s the reason why we manufacture products that give you the opportunity to experience and appreciate your jewelry in your daily life.

We well know that being surrounded by high quality products is an undeniable must for you who choose us.

That’s why we work in a continuous evolution of technology and innovative solutions, and we pay attention to details to make each creation unique and safe.

We work to manufacture precious creations, then embellished by those treasures you decide to put in.

Each safe is equipped with a biometric fingerprint or face recognition opening, or touch keyboard, because even single details, in our opinion, has to be always at the cutting edge. Then, final touch is the anchoring on the walls, that completes a security framework suitable for homes where there is an alarm system. Everything is always carefully hidden within beautiful furniture, specifically produced for precious ambiances.

The models that we propose, every year renewed for one-fifth of the collection, are truly unique: you will never find on the market similar products for its elegance and practicality. None in the world produces safes within furniture. In Agresti we are well aware that each client has unique tastes and different needs: for this reason our products’ interiors are designed to be customizable, in order to satisfy any request.

Certified security

All our safes have certified EN1300 locks. Agresti has obtained, from the eminent Istituto Giordano, the international certification as per EN 1143-1:2012 standard. This important award qualifies our safes against breaking and attacks. We manufacture all kinds of safe or cabinet, perfectly bespoke, in order to fulfil all your requirements.

You can choose from multiple options.

Break-in attempts are immediately detected and sent to home alarm unit wireless.

Opening with designated codes or finger print, coercive silent alarm is sent out.

The biometric reader con authorize the opening of one MASTER and up to 99 other individuals.. 

The system recognizes over 200 unique face features and authorize opening.

One can spray chili pepper on intruders using remote control.

An hidden webcam may tape false opening attempts.

Using the "AGRESTI" APP you can switch on the LED light, and open our safe.


Technology and precision from 1949

Each creation has a brass plaque that shows its serial number and confirms the uncomparable uniqueness.

Looking around we realize that luxury, today, is considered as monopoly of the big names that have stores all over the world and offer, in every Country, the same lines and collections. But those huge volumes that they propose move them away from the concept of refinement, preciousness, craftsmanship. That’s why we believe that luxury - the real one - has to be found in those companies that, like us, are able to offer unique products and adapt their work perfectly to your needs.