Mirror safes

Hidden mirror safe

Our Mirror of Enchantment mirror hidden safe line is a sophisticated option for clients seeking an alternative to the traditional recessed safe model.

To the casual observer, Agresti mirror safes look very much like an ordinary mirror. This is where the product stops being ordinary. Our mirror safes are made using spy bullet proof glass for a completely different purpose than simply for checking one's reflection. The spy glass allows our clients to display their fine jewelry or collectibles when they wish. During times when our clients do not wish to put the items they feel passionate about on display, they can turn the lights off, and it reverts to being a mirror. 
Choose the dimensions and type of wood frame that suits your existing decor and your taste. Agresti can offer you a choice of frames constructed from the finest woods, such as ebony, mahogany, and walnut.

Hidden mirror safe

The interior of the hidden mirror safe can be designed to your specifications to display all types of valuables and collections. To open your hidden mirror safe, simply use the special mobile phone app we will provide you for this purpose. It will turn on the LED lights inside and open the mirror safe’s door. 
Agresti’s mirror wall safes can be personalized with the specific features you want to ensure that your valuables and collections will be safe and secure. We are pleased to include automatic watch winders in our mirror safes on request. Your luxury or vintage watches will be kept running at the correct time while stored in the recessed safe. This is the perfect solution when you don't wear the watches of your collection regularly but want to keep them and have ready to be worn immediately.

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