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The models that we propose, every year renewed for one-fifth of the collection, are truly unique: you will never find on the market similar products for its elegance and practicality. None in the world produces safes within furniture.

A new idea of safe

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Safety, elegance, refinement: these are the guidelines in Agresti, that for over 70 years has been manufacturing elegant strongboxes, chests, fine furniture skillfully handcrafted, and much more.

Craftmanship and mastery

In our Florentine laboratories we select for you only the best materials. From metals to leather, from crystals to suede, from stones to brass, everything is strictly environmentally friendly handcrafted. At the same location we personally follow any production process’ step: raw wood is skillfully carved by our expert manpower, which shapes it and converts it into what will be the basis of a new creation.